Revanth Reddy : గుజరాత్‌కు వేల కోట్లు ఇచ్చిన కేంద్రం తెలంగాణను ఎందుకు పట్టించుకోదు


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Revanth Reddy: Why does the Center which has given thousands of crores to Gujarat ignore Telangana?

TPCC President Revanth Reddy Criticized BJP and TRS Governments.

TPCC Working President Revanth Reddy once again criticized the central and state governments. Speaking to the media recently, he lamented that due to the negligence of the government, heavy rains have turned into floods. Moreover, he said that natural calamities have created havoc and central and state governments should coordinate during natural calamities. He said that reports should be prepared on the damage, CM KCR has left public issues in the air for selfish reasons. He said that we have received information that there has been a loss of 3 thousand crore rupees in the state due to floods. But he expressed anger that the state government has given a report saying a loss of 1400 crores. He flagged that it has been three days since the CM came to Delhi, and they thought that they would pressure the Prime Minister to bring funds, and they are not giving time to their own party’s MPs in Delhi. He flagged that he has been confined to his house for three days in Delhi and besides the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister has not yet asked the Union Ministers for an appointment.

Modi is the prime minister of Gujarat.. If floods occur in Gujarat, thousands of crores will be given.. Why does the Center not care about Telangana, he said. He questioned that Kishan Reddy and other MPs have remained traitors of Telangana, that the Center is neglecting the Telangana state, why KCR is not leaving his houses and why CM KCR is afraid to question the Prime Minister. He alleged that TRS MPs are hiding behind other parties and saying that it is a struggle, MPs are posing for photos, Prime Minister Modi and CM KCR are deceiving Telangana. He demanded that KCR’s fight activity against the Prime Minister should be announced that we are not being given an appointment if we meet the Prime Minister on state issues. Revanth Reddy said that the Telangana community feels that they will not talk about the prime minister saying that they should move from Delhi or else they will question your corruption.



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