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Wife Killed Husband: విశాఖలో ప్రియుడితో కలిసి భర్తను చంపేసిన భార్య

Wife Killed Husband: The wife killed her husband along with her boyfriend in Visakhapatnam

Factions, feuds and killings of people are increasing in human relations. Both women and men do not hesitate to do any work for money for their comfort. In order to remove the obstacle of the wife, the husband and the wife are making cunning plans to kill the husband in any way. The husband who fell in love with his lover is brutally killed. A similar incident happened in Visakha. The incident came to light late in the PM Palem police station.

It has been found that the wife killed her husband along with her boyfriend in the most brutal manner. The mystery of the missing case is over. The police found a decomposed body under Visakha Marikavalasa Bridge. Police examined the scene and determined it to be a murder. It seems that the accused are in the custody of the police. In the police investigation, important things came to light. The police believe that extra-marital affair was the reason for this brutal murder. Incidents of her husband being brutally killed by falling in love with her boyfriend are coming to light one after another. Indulging in extra-marital affairs, they are making a fool of themselves.

Recently, such incidents have increased. The incident that happened in Hyderabad is now happening in Vizag. Kill your husband unconsciously and come to me.. We will live comfortably together.. The incidents of killing the husband because of the fact that he cannot be the girlfriend are worrying. Recently, a wife killed her husband for her boyfriend in Shankar Palli of Rangareddy district. The story is woven as if it was killed by robbers. But will the truth not come out? Extra-marital relations lead to all sorts of vices. In the case of the murder of a fruit merchant, the main mastermind was found to be his wife and her boyfriend. Once a wife is doing something for her husband, now she is doing something for her boyfriend/girlfriend. They are missing the logic that if they commit murder, they will go to jail.
Wife Planned Husbands Murder: Wife Planned Murder


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