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Viral Video: ముసలోడి క్రియేటివిటీ మామూలుగా లేదు. చూస్తే నవ్వుతోపాటు కోపమూ ఆగదు.

Viral Video: Musalodi's creativity is not normal.  Laughter and anger can't be stopped.

While ironing, lightly sprinkle water on the clothes and wipe them. Thus, the clothes are folded smoothly, neatly and conveniently for ironing. This is what almost everyone does. But one person added some creativity to it. But seeing what he has done makes us laugh as well as uncontrollably angry. I can’t tolerate washing clean washed clothes with dirty water. If it is near, we will stick one. So what did he do?

He fills the bottle full of water, puts it on the side table, takes some water in a bowl, pours it into his mouth and blows it on the clothes to be ironed. He shows that he is spraying. It gives a buildup like a wonderful idea. Even after that he does not start ironing. I don’t know his name or town. The video, which was posted on an Instagram account called Adult Society, has already been viewed by more than 30 lakh people. Everyone made different comments. This posting was tagged “Natural Water Sprayer”. A netizen joked that uncle giving personal touch.


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