Vijayawada Railway Station: విజయవాడ రైల్వేస్టేషన్ ప్రత్యేకత ఏంటో తెలుసా?


Vijayawada Railway Station: Do you know what is special about Vijayawada Railway Station?

Vijayawada Railway Station is a famous railway station not only in Andhra Pradesh but all over the country. Not only did it set foot in the spring of 94, but it also qualified for the A1 status, crossing many milestones as an unstoppable icon in freight transport, bringing millions of passengers to their destinations. Bejawada is the second largest railway junction in the country. Initially formed in a small shed. The present railway station was established in 1979. It is the largest junction with a total of ten platforms. More than 400 trains are plying through Vijayawada regularly.

Mahatma Gandhi visited this Vijayawada railway station seven times during the freedom movement. Vijayawada Railway Division was formed in 1966 under Southern Railway. This division was formed as a part of South Central Railway division. This station is the most important in the currently divided Andhra Pradesh. It became the number one grosser in the country. There are 156 railway stations under the division. Chennai – New Delhi, North-South route, Chennai – Howrah East – Coast route makes it a tri-junction. These rail routes pass through Guntur/ Guntakal, Machilipatnam/ Narsapuram within Vijayawada. Besides, Krishnapatnam and Kakinada ports come under its purview

There is no one who does not know about Vijayawada Railway Station in the country. Besides bringing thousands of people to their destinations on a regular basis, Vijayawada railway station has also made a mark in the transportation of goods. Presently the railway station has stepped into its 94th year. Vijayawada railway station has got the status of A1 among the 75 railway stations selected across the country as part of the 75 years of independence celebrations and Azadika Amrita celebrations. Thousands of people travel from this station every day. Presently Vijayawada Railway Station is stepping into its 94th spring… This railway station has passed the glory of A1 while increasing its speed.

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