Vice President: ఉప రాష్ట్రపతి ఎన్నికకు నేటి నుంచి నామినేషన్లు!


Vice President: Nominations for the election of the Vice President from today!

The process of receiving nominations for the election of the Vice President will start from today. It is known that the Central Election Commission released the schedule for the election of the 16th Vice President of India on 29th of last month in the background that the term of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu will end on 10th August. After the Central Election Commission issues a notification to elect the new Vice President, the process of nominations begins. Nomination papers will be accepted till 19th of this month. They will be examined on the 20th. The deadline for withdrawal is July 22. If an election is unavoidable, it will be held on August 6. Members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are eligible to vote in elections. Nominated members are also eligible.

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If more than one candidate is contesting for the election of Vice President of India, polling will be held on August 6 from 10 am to 5 pm. Results will be declared on the same day. The newly elected Vice President will be sworn in on August 11. The Electoral College will elect the Vice President. Including 233 Rajya Sabha members, 12 nominated members and 543 Lok Sabha MPs, a total of 788 people will exercise their right to vote.



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