Varun Gandhi: ‘ఎగిరే శవపేటికలను ఎప్పుడు వదిలించుకుంటారు’.. వరుణ్ గాంధీ సంచలన వ్యాఖ్యలు


Varun Gandhi: 'When will they get rid of flying coffins'.. Varun Gandhi's sensational comments

Varun Gandhi: Two pilots were killed when a MiG-21 aircraft crashed during a training program near Barmer in Rajasthan on Thursday night. Two Indian Air Force pilots were killed by MiG-21. There have been long-standing demands that these old-fashioned jets are causing deaths and to retire them. Meanwhile, BJP MP Varun Gandhi reacted strongly to the latest incident. He expressed anger that these flying coffins will be removed from the Indian Air Force.

“The entire nation was shocked by the incident that took place in Barmer yesterday. The MiG-21 has been involved in frequent accidents over the years. This aircraft has killed nearly 200 pilots so far. When will this ‘flying coffin’ be removed from Air Force planes? The parliament of the country should think, do we allow our children to fly this plane?” Varun Gandhi tweeted in Hindi.

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Wing Commander M Rana and Flight Lieutenant Advitya Bhal lost their lives in the accident on Thursday night. Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh expressed deep regret over this accident. Meanwhile, the Indian Air Force wants to stop the service of MiG-21 aircraft by the end of this September. That leaves only three in the MiG-21 Bison squadron. These too are being retired at the rate of one every year and are expected to leave the Air Force completely by 2025. Wing Commander Rana hails from Himachal Pradesh and Flight Lieutenant Bhal hails from Jammu and Kashmir, an IAF official said.



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