Ukraine: ఉక్రెయిన్‌కు ఈయూ అభ్యర్థిత్వ హోదా


Ukraine: EU candidacy status for Ukraine

Ukraine has taken the first step in order to fulfill its long-held aspiration. The European Commission on Friday gave the green light to Ukraine, which is eager to join the European Union (EU). Agreed in principle to annex that country. To this end, the EU has announced that it will grant candidacy status to Ukraine. However, Kiev could take many years to become a member of the 27-nation EU. Ukraine in accordance with EU rules .. should strengthen democratic institutions in their country. Laws should be made transparent. Human rights must be upheld. The President of Ukraine tweeted that he thanked the EU countries for taking this historic decision.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with Ukrainian President Zhelensky. During this surprise visit he opened a training center for tens of thousands of soldiers over a period of 120 days in the city of Kiev. He hopes that the center of the war with Russia will change the equations. Boris Johnson said the main purpose of his visit was to send a message that Britain would stand by Ukraine until the war was over. It is understood that the leaders of Germany, Italy, Romania and France visited Ukraine on Thursday and promised full cooperation in the matter of membership in the EU. The EU Commission’s response and recommendation on the same issue has taken precedence.

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Ukraine’s key decision: Ukraine has taken a key decision in the case of Russian citizens. From now on to enter their country of residence to obtain a visa. Zel‌nsky said the decision would take effect on July 1. This provision did not exist in the past. Russian citizens visit Ukraine without any visas. On the other hand, Russian attacks continue in the Donbass region. On Friday, however, the Ukrainian army made a statement. A Russian naval ship was wrecked near Snake Island in the Black Sea.



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