Trying To Rob ATM: ప్రియురాలిని ఆకట్టుకునేందుకు ఏటీఎం చోరీకి యత్నం.. చివరికి ఏమైందంటే?


Trying To Rob ATM: Trying To Rob ATM To Impress Girlfriend... What Happened In The End?

Trying To Rob ATM: A man becomes a thief to impress his girlfriend. Two men were arrested for attempting to rob an ATM in West Delhi’s Ranhola area on Saturday, police said. Officials have identified them as Kamal (27) and Parveen (20) from Dausa district of Rajasthan. Around 2.15 am on Saturday morning, the police received information that two persons were trying to open the ATM with a gas welder, a senior officer said. Identified.

Mystery incident: He went because he got an auto bargain..after four days?

Deputy Commissioner of Police Sameer Sharma said that the police identified the accused using the CCTV footage of the area and arrested them at Harphool Vihar in Baprola. The officer said that Kamal revealed that he had planned the theft and arranged a gas cutter, LPG cylinder and other equipment with his cousin Parveen. Kamal revealed to the police that Parveen agreed to the crime to impress his girlfriend with money. First Kamal planned this robbery and told Parveen. The police revealed that Parveen confessed to this theft so that he could impress his girlfriend by buying gifts.



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