Traffic Police: విజయవాడ నగరంలో 28 బ్లాక్ స్పాట్స్


Traffic Police: 28 black spots in Vijayawada city

The spread of the corona virus, which began in 2020, is still ongoing. However, after the Corona lockdown, the number of road accidents in Vijayawada has increased, traffic police said. Traffic police identified 28 black spots across the city during the incident. Cases have been registered against 18 people for rash driving on the Durgagudi flyover.

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So far this year, there have been 613 accidents across the NTR district, police said. He said 149 people were spot dead in the accidents, while 175 survived with severe injuries and loss of eyes and arms. The city traffic police conducted a special drive for 15 days to prevent road accidents. So far 630 drink and drive cases have been booked. Of those, 286 were jailed.
There have been 4,289 triple riding cases so far this year. Traffic police warn that driving on the roads is not safe.



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