Tigers Hulchul: తెలుగు రాష్ట్రాల్లో చిరుతల భయం


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Tigers Hulchul: Fear of leopards in Telugu states

Wild animals that should be in the forests are reaching the forests. The movement of leopards and tigers in the Telugu states is causing a lot of trouble for the people. The movement of cheetah is creating a stir in Ghalib Nagar of Maklur mandal of Nizamabad district. A cheetah chased two young men who were riding a bike. Bike silencer raging… youth survived. The police and forest department officials have confirmed that the leopard is roaming. On the other hand, traces of leopard were found in that area. The villagers are trembling with fear knowing that the cheetah is roaming. Bones are wanted to be set up to capture the leopard. Fears are being expressed over the movement of the cheetah.

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On the other hand, it seems that cheetahs are roaming near SV Zoo Park in Tirupati. Due to this, the people of that area are panicking. Two days ago a leopard was seen in Tirumala hill area. It is already known that the Bengal tiger is causing a stir in Kakinada district. It is known that the tiger entered Anacapalli district from Kakinada. Tiger footprints were spotted near Tirupatipalem, Nakkapalli mandal. A tiger attacked a buffalo near Thataparthi. The movement of the tiger created tension in the villages of Sriramapuram, Tirupatipalem, Tadaparthi and Venkatapuram under Payakaraopet. As a result, the forest officials alerted the villagers. It turned out that the tiger that came to Anakapalli was the same tiger roaming in Kakinada. Officials say that the tiger reached the Tuni-Kottam road from Kuchulakonda near Kummarilova in Tuni mandal of Kakinada district to the Tandava river catchment area. For more than a month, the Bengal Tiger has been creating tension. Efforts made by the forest officials to catch the tiger are not coming to fruition.
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