Srilanka Crisis: ఉద్యోగాలు లేక ప్రత్యామ్నాయం దొరక్క.. ఒళ్లు అమ్మకుంటున్న మహిళలు


Srilanka Crisis: Unable to find jobs or alternatives.. Women are selling wool

Sri Lankan crisis- women into prostitution: Despite the change in political power in Sri Lanka, there is no change in the economic situation at present. People are still struggling to find basic necessities. They are standing in huge queues for petrol and diesel. The financial crisis in Sri Lanka has hit all sectors. As a result, many people lost their jobs. There is a situation where there is no work that is ready to work.

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Sri Lanka’s economic crisis is turning into a hell for breastfeeding women. Due to economic crisis and poverty, many women are forced into prostitution. The owners and managers of the spa are doing sex work with the women using the conditions of the women. A situation has arisen where women have to sell their bodies whether it is to provide for the family, to feed the children, or if they don’t want to. Especially with the stagnation of the textile industry, women working in that sector had to resort to prostitution. As their families have no other alternative and income, eventually their husbands also leave them. The women who used to come to the cities and do small jobs have lost their jobs.. They are unable to go back to the villages. Ashila Dandenia of the Stand-Up Movement Lanka NGO says that in some cases pregnancy occurs.

Since last December, many women have lost their jobs in textile industries. Due to this, many spa managers are turning women into sex workers by taking advantage of their weaknesses when there is no income..women say. Finally, local shop owners are also physically robbing women for essentials.



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