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Sprite Cool Drink: రంగు మార్చిన ‘స్ర్పైట్’.. 60 ఏళ్ల తర్వాత తొలిసారి..!!

Sprite Cool Drink: 'Sprite' changed color.. for the first time after 60 years..!!

Sprite Cool Drink bottle color changed: Many people drink Sprite as a cool drink. Because apart from being soda-like, the spirit tastes great. Even if we go to pawn shops or shopping malls, we are attracted by the sight of green spirit bottles. But till now the spirit bottle has remained in green color. Spirit is changing its bottle color for the first time after 60 years. To this extent replacing the green color with an eco-friendly white color bottle. Sprite’s parent company, the Coca-Cola Company, will launch a new bottle design from August 1. On this occasion, the representative of the company said that they have decided to change the bottle packaging after four years. The Coca-Cola Company, which has announced that it has changed the color of the spirit in the United States, has said that it will be implemented in all countries around the world in a phased manner.

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While the spit green bottle is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is mainly identified as a single use item like carpets and clothing. Recycling these bottles is difficult. That’s why the Coca-Cola Company believes that it’s easier to reuse clear plastic than green for new bottles. Since Spirit was first launched in America in 1961, it has been sold only in bottles packaged in green. Spirit is one of the best selling drinks of the Coca-Cola Company. Although the shape of the bottles has changed over the years, the green color of the spirit has not changed. But now the spirit is saying goodbye to that green color.


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