Somu Veerraju: మళ్లీ మళ్లీ చెప్తున్నా.. జనసేనతోనే మా ప్రయాణం


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Somu Veerraju: Again and again.. Janasena is our journey

Somu Veerraju key comments: AP BJP President Somu Veerraju made key comments. He accused TDP and YCP that the two parties in AP are family parties, corrupt parties and business parties. He said that TDP and YCP are twin children. Somu Veerraju made it clear that he is saying again and again that his journey will be with the Janasena party in the next elections. During Chandrababu’s tenure as CM, Rs. He reminded that 7,798 crores package was taken under the projects. They explained that they will not talk to those who are silent in the ruling party.. They will show where there are mud mafia and sand mafia in the state. It is said that vaccines worth Rs. 2 crores were distributed in AP during Corona period. Lack of capital for the state is proof of YCP’s incompetence.

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Somu Veerraju criticized that TDP and YCP have left the state on the sidelines. He alleged that the people of the state gave power to Jagan that Chandrababu did not develop, but Jagan failed to rule the state. He expressed confidence that the people of the state will crown BJP in 2024. He said BJP will soon reveal what party leaders have done for political purposes. He said that he has been in politics since 1978. He said that BJP is the real opposition in AP. They said that the attacks on the temples stopped only because they did the movements. Somu Veerraju asked that if 100 people were put in the TTD board, they would have questioned whether TDP had said anything on this matter. He said that he will soon go on a padayatra for projects in Rayalaseema districts. Somu Veerraju stated that he will raise the BJP flag in all the states of India. He will fight until the state government puts funds in the accounts of the sarpanches.



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