Snake In Train: రైలులో పాము.. చివరకు ఏం జరిగిందంటే…


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Snake In Train: Snake in the train.. Finally what happened...

Snake In Train: Recently we saw the news that a snake head was found in the food of a Turkish airline. This news has gone viral. Meanwhile, a snake has slithered in the train in our India. Due to this, the passengers were panicked. No matter how much I searched, I had to travel to Bikkubik and Mantu as the snake was not found.

The incident took place in Kozhikode, Kerala state. Passengers spotted a snake in the Thiruvananthapuram-Nizamuddin Express train. After giving the information to the railway officials, they stopped the train for more than an hour and searched for the snake. But still the snake could not be identified. Passengers informed the TC about a snake among the luggage under the lower berth of the 55 compartment of the train which left Tirur station on Wednesday night. Immediately, the train was stopped for an hour at the Kozhikode railway station and the entire compartment was searched.

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As the train was stopped for an hour.. At first the passengers did not know what had happened.. Then the news spread that there was a snake in the compartment and suddenly the passengers panicked. Kozhikode railway officials have deputed forest experts to identify the snake. The forest department personnel and two snake catchers tried to disembark the passengers in the compartment but to no avail. Searched for the snake till 10.15 pm. Railway sources said that the snake may have escaped through the hole in the train’s bogie, otherwise it may have been hiding inside. After closing the hole, the train started again.



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