SI Cruelty: మైనర్ బాలుడిపై వేమూరు ఎస్ఐ అరాచకం


SI Cruelty: Vemuru SI brutality against minor boy

Friendly policing is out of the question. The behavior of some policemen is being criticized. Bapatla District Vemuru SSI Anil Kumar’s treatment of minor boy Sheikh Mohammad Rafi is becoming controversial. At 9:30 pm on Wednesday night, the boy was cut twice on the head with a knife by SSI Anil Kumar. On Monday, a fight between youths turned into a panchayat at the police station. SSI Anil Kumar informed the family members of Mohammed Rafi to come to the settlement.

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As soon as he arrived at the station, Rafi was taken to the room and beaten up by SSI Anil Kumar and two other constables. Dissatisfied with this, Essie became more agitated. The boy was cut once on the head with a knife but it did not cut.. The second time he cut the head, there were blood threads from the head. The SI issued a ruling saying that he cannot go out even if he is bleeding and that the doctor will come to the station and treat him here. Rafi ran to his father in fear. Rafi’s mother lost her love when her father saw the injury, and once she fell down, her mother injured her head. She was taken to Tenali Government Hospital and then to Guntur GGH.

Rafi’s father Maulali said that he was brought to Vemuru Police Station only when the gentlemen of the village said that there would be a settlement. The victim, Rafi alias Mastan, expressed his anguish that if he does something wrong, he should be given two thousand blows, but what is the point of being stabbed with a knife like this. This affair has become a sensation throughout the district. Demands are pouring in to take strict action against the SI and constables who treated the boy harshly.
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