Saipriya Incident: సాయిప్రియ ఉదంతంపై దర్యాప్తు


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Saipriya Incident: Investigation into the Saipriya incident

The twist in married Saipriya’s affair which created a sensation in Telugu states shocked everyone. It is known that search operations were carried out by helicopters, which were thought to be lost in the sea. It cost up to crores. If this is the case, criticism is coming on Saipriya’s behavior. The twists reminded me of the screenplay of serials and movies. She left with her boyfriend, not her husband.. She got three teeth in Bangalore. Visakha three town CI Rama Rao spoke on this matter.

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According to the complaint given by Sai Priya’s husband, we first registered a missing case. Sai Priya’s mobile has been seized and an investigation has been carried out based on the call data contained in it. All his social media accounts have already been uninstalled. Sai has blacklisted the number of Ravi, a young man whose parents expressed suspicion. On 26th, we traced the number of a young man named Ravi as being in Nellore, said CI Rama Rao.

The parents are not saying how long they have been in contact with the young man named Ravi. Ravi Sai was staying in the same area as Priya. We found that Ravi’s phone number address proof was taken in Nellore. We found that he went to Bangalore via Nellore. Both of them are majors and sent photos and audio messages as if they were married. So far, Sai Priya’s parents have not lodged any complaint regarding their daughter’s missing case. CI Rama Rao said that if Sai Priya’s parents file a complaint, they will investigate.



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