Russia-Ukraine War: జైలుపై ఉక్రెయిన్ బాంబు దాడి.. 40 మంది మృతి.. మృతులెవరో తెలుసా?


Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine bomb attack on prison... 40 people killed... Do you know who died?

Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine attacked a prison in a separatist-held area with US-made Himars rockets, killing 40 Ukrainian prisoners of war and wounding 75 others, the Russian Defense Ministry said. A representative of the Russian-backed separatists disclosed a key point in this process. But they said that all of them died because of the bomb attack by Ukraine. Russia accused of killing 40 Ukrainian prisoners of war A separatist spokesman said Ukrainian forces had bombed the prison in the town of Olenivka. It is noteworthy that no response has been received from Ukraine on this matter.

Fire Accident: A huge fire broke out in a 15-storey building.. 8 people died

During the war, the fighters protecting the Azov port and steel mill surrendered to Russia. After about 3 months they surrendered to Russia and were locked up in separatist prisons. In this background, it seems that 40 people from that country were killed in the Ukrainian bomb attack on the prison. Another 75 people were injured in this attack. Eight prison staff were also injured.



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