Rishi Sunak: నేను ప్రధాని అయితే వారి తాట తీస్తా.. డౌన్-బ్లౌసింగ్ పై ఉక్కుపాదం


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Rishi Sunak: If I am the Prime Minister, I will take their hand.. Iron foot on down-blousing

UK PM Race- Rishi Sunak: Rishi Sunak, a man of Indian descent, is in the running for UK Prime Minister. They are campaigning impressively in the election campaign. Sunak, who recently gave a strong warning to China, once again promised to stand by the women and children of Britain. He assured the people that he will eliminate the grooming gangs in the country.. Those who belong to the grooming gang will face life imprisonment.. He said that he will suppress sex offenders more.. He will ban calling it as down blousing. He said he would ban grooming groups from taking indecent photos without women’s permission.

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He said sexual violence against women and girls should be treated as a national emergency until it is defeated. As a father of two girls, I want them to have no fear when they go shopping in the evening. He said that he would bring in a new policing system that would help increase the investigation of sex offenders. Rishi Sunak plans to launch a National Grooming Gangs Whistleblower Network to increase surveillance on grooming gangs.. to create a special database to help track suspects. “I will not back down until we live in a safe society until the dangerous criminals who prey on women are caught,” he said.

What is this down-blousing

Grooming gangs have become a major problem in the UK. Indecent pictures are being taken which is called down-blousing. Crimes such as these grooming gangs photographing the upper body of women when they are bent over and in public have increased. These grooming gangs are taking pictures of women’s breasts without their knowledge. These grooming gangs use tricks on minor girls and use them sexually and collect their photos. Rishi Sunak is determined to suppress this plague that is currently spreading across England. He promises to give priority to this issue if he becomes the Prime Minister.



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