President Ram Nath Kovind: రాష్ట్రపతి రామ్ నాథ్ కోవింద్ కు ఘనంగా వీడ్కోలు.. భావోద్వేగ ప్రసంగం


President Ram Nath Kovind: Farewell to President Ram Nath Kovind.. Emotional speech

president Ram Nath Kovind’s farewell ceremony: Ram Nath Kovind’s tenure as the 14th President of India will end tomorrow. With this, a grand farewell program for President Ram Nath Kovind was held in the Central Hall of the Parliament on Saturday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, Lok Sabha Speaker Ombirla, other Union Ministers, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha MPs attended the event. He gave an emotional speech to the nation while stepping down from office. He said that five years ago I took oath as President from this same central hall.. All MPs have a special place in my heart. Parliament has been described as the temple of democracy.

President Ram Nath Kovind has suggested that political parties should be above partisan politics for the benefit of the country and should decide what is necessary for the welfare of the people. He spoke about the value of peace and harmony. He said that people have the right to put pressure on the government to achieve their goals but it should be Gandhian. Kovind said that it is a big family of parliamentarians. He has always been a part of it. He advised the MPs that there can be differences of opinion in any family, but they should work together for the benefit of the country.

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Ram Nath Kovind said that the world is suffering due to the covid epidemic.. We hope that we will learn lessons from the epidemic. In his speech, Ram Nath Kovind said that India’s efforts in difficult times have been appreciated all over the world. He said that he heartily congratulates Draupadi Murmu who has been elected as the President of India…the country will benefit from her guidance. He said that he will always be grateful to the citizens of the country who gave him the opportunity to serve as President. Draupadi Murmu will be sworn in as the 15th President of India on Monday 25th of this month.



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