Pending Cases in Courts: దేశంలో దాదాపు 5కోట్ల కేసులు పెండింగ్.. పార్లమెంట్‌లో కేంద్రం వెల్లడి


Pending Cases in Courts: Around 5 crore cases are pending in the country.. Center revealed in Parliament

Pending Cases in Courts: The Center has revealed that there are about 5 crore cases pending in the courts of India. Law Minister Kiren Rijiju revealed in the Lok Sabha on behalf of the Union Government that the cases pending in various courts in India are approaching the five crore mark. As on July 1, there were 72,062 cases pending in the Supreme Court. As on July 25, 59,55,873 cases were pending in 25 High Courts, Law Minister Kiran Rijiju said in a written reply. 4.23 crore cases are pending in the district and subordinate courts. That means, a total of 4.83 crore cases are pending in various courts.

Has the government assessed the reasons for the huge pendency of cases in various courts? A total of 26 Lok Sabha members asked. Rijiju said that the resolution of cases pending in the courts is within the jurisdiction of the judiciary. He said that no time limit has been set for the resolution of various types of cases by the respective courts. He said that the government has no direct role in the settlement of cases in the courts. Timely disposal of cases in courts depends on many factors, including adequate number of judges, availability of magistrates, supporting court staff, physical infrastructure, complexity of facts involved, nature of evidence, cooperation of bar, investigating agencies, witnesses, advocates, proper application of rules and procedures. He said. “There are many factors that lead to delay in disposal of cases. These include vacancies of judges, frequent adjournments, lack of adequate arrangements for monitoring, tracking and monitoring of bench cases for trial,” he said.

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Responding to the debate on the Family Courts (Amendment) Bill in the Lok Sabha on July 26, the minister said it was unfair to blame the government or the judiciary for the pending cases. Cases are added to court dockets every day. “People are questioning what the government and the law minister are doing. I’m sad. “When raising serious issues like pending cases, people should know the details first,” said Rijiju. He also opposed the use of inappropriate words to attack the courts. Judges work hard.. There are judges who have decided hundreds of cases in a day and they work from 9 am to 9 pm, he said.



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