Nvss Prabhakar: ఎక్సైజ్ కమిషనర్‌ని తొలగించాలి


Nvss Prabhakar: Excise commissioner should be removed

BJP state vice-president, former MLA NVSS said that Telangana has become home to drugs. Prabhakar. He said the government had set up a SIT and had no intention of punishing the culprits unless it acted as a blackmail in the trial. Somesh Kumar as CS has no right to continue in office for a single moment. He criticized the state government for working on liquor revenue over a five-year period.

Etela Rajender: BJP is in power

Each bar has a drug supplier attached to the pub. Liquor and belt stores across the state have become a stumbling block. There are officially 140 pubs in Hyderabad. The Commissioner of the Excise Department is the protagonist and the mastermind. The government is trying to bring a bad name to the state. He said the government was robbing the people of their hardships in the form of alcohol. The state government should immediately remove the excise commissioner.

Sammakka Sarakka and Yadadri did not give protocol to the governor during the visit. Women therefore do not respect the governor. It is a shame that ministers are accusing the governor of being a BJP leader. KCR understands political malice. The Chief Minister should immediately apologize to the Governor. NVSS Prabhakar said KTR should not forget its scope before criticizing the governor.



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