Nandamuri Kalyanram: నందమూరి నటవంశంలో ప్రత్యేకం… కళ్యాణ్ రామ్!


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Nandamuri Kalyanram: Special in the Nandamuri drama lineage… Kalyan Ram!

The third generation of Nandamuri actors became actors to follow in the footsteps of their grandfather Yntr. Among them, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is especially active as an actor. Yntr has also produced many popular films as an actor. In the same way ‘Y.T.R. Kalyan Ram is producing and acting under Arts’ banner.

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram was born on 5th July 1978 in Hyderabad. YTR’s third son Harikrishna is Kalyan Ram. Harikrishna was first seen on the screen as the successor of the great actor Yntr. Kalyan Ram was the first to appear on the screen as his successor. Kalyan Ram acted for the first time in the film ‘Balagopaludu’ starring his father Balakrishna. Kalyan Ram, who studied up to class 10 at St. Paul’s, Hyderabad, also studied at Siddhartha Adarsha Residential School, Vijayawada. Kalyan did his engineering in Coimbatore and did his Masters from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. After his studies, he got introduced as a hero with the film ‘Tholi Chubone’. On top of that he appeared as ‘Abhimanyu’. Those two films failed to impress as expected. With that, the grandfather set up a banner in the name of Y.TR. It is a privilege to introduce Surender Reddy as a director through this movie! With the success of the film ‘Athanokkade’, Kalyan Ram also earned a place for himself as a hero.

After ‘Athanokkade’, Kalyan Ram acted in other banners as well. Kalyan acted in films like “Asaadhyadudu, Vijayadashami, Lakshmi Kalyanam”. But none of them could bring him the desired success. Again, Kalyan went on to produce and act in films under his own banner. He has produced and acted in films like “Hareram, Jayeebhava, Kalyan Ram Kathi, Om 3D, Patas”. Kalyan has given opportunities to some through his own films. Anil introduced Ravipudi as a director through ‘Patas’. ‘M.L.A.’ Upendra Madhav was given the opportunity to become a director for the first time.

Kalyan Ram also produced films like ‘Kick-2’ with Ravi Teja and ‘Jai Lavakusa’ with his younger brother Yntr without acting as the hero himself. Kalyan impressed by appearing in the role of his father Harikrishna in the biopic of grandfather YTR. After ‘Entha Manchivadavura’, there were no films with Kalyan Ram as the hero. Currently Kalyan starrer ‘Bimbisara’ is releasing on August 5. Apart from this, Kalyan is also acting in ‘Devil: The British Secret Agent’. Fans are hoping that Kalyan Ram will show his strength again with these movies. Let’s see if Kalyan Ram, who became an actor and producer in the footsteps of his grandfather YTR, will direct like him in the future.



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