Monkeypox: కేరళలో మంకీపాక్స్‌తో 22 ఏళ్ల వ్యక్తి మృతి.. దేశంలో తొలి మరణం


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Monkeypox: A 22-year-old man died of monkeypox in Kerala.. The first death in the country

Monkeypox: Monkeypox virus is terrorizing the world. It is known that four monkeypox cases have been reported in our country so far. Three of those cases have come to light in Kerala. Another saw the light in Delhi. At this time, the death of monkeypox in Kerala is creating a stir. This is the first monkeypox death recorded in India. A 22-year-old man died of the virus in Punniyar, Thrissur district of Kerala. To this extent, the state’s medical minister Veena George officially announced on Sunday. The deceased youth came to India from UAE on July 21. Later, he was admitted to the hospital on July 27 due to fever and headache. As there were no symptoms of monkeypox on his body, no treatment was given for that. However, the young man died on Saturday. Later, the deceased’s family members revealed to the authorities that he was infected with monkeypox on July 19 in the UAE. The doctor was given the results of the monkeypox test before leaving the UAE for India. To confirm it once again, Kerala Health officials have sent the deceased’s samples to the local virology lab

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The minister said that tests were conducted a day before coming here, and monkeypox was diagnosed there. As a result, Kerala Health Department officials, who sent his samples for testing once again, revealed that they are analyzing the causes of his death. She explained that a high level committee has been constituted to know the situation of monkeypox cases. Although the central health department has not made an official statement on this, it is believed to be the first monkeypox death in the country. While the report related to this death is likely to be released by the National Institute of Virology in Alappuzha on Sunday night or Monday. The officials buried the youth’s body in accordance with monkeypox protocol and kept his primary contacts under surveillance. Kerala Health Minister Veena George, who spoke on the same issue, said that no symptoms of monkeypox were seen in the young man. In addition, Veena George said that a high-level inquiry will be conducted on the fact that the UAE authorities did not inform him that he had tested positive for monkeypox.



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