Minister AppalaRaju: తిరుమలలో అనుచరులతో మంత్రి హల్ చల్


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Minister AppalaRaju: Minister Hull Chal Chal with followers in Tirumala

AP Minister Sidiri Appalaraju is always in the news. Minister Appalaraju has been involved in many controversies in the past. Recently, Minister Appalaraju Kaliyuga Vaikuntam created a stir in Tirumala. Minister Appalaraju reached Tirumala with a huge following. He pressured the TTD officials to provide protocol darshan to all his followers. Actually the minister.. TTD bowed down to his pressure. The TTD officials did not give in to Appalaraju’s pressure. TTD set aside the rules and gave protocol vision to 140 followers. Common devotees are expressing their anger over the violation of rules. Sidiri Appalaraju got the minister post for the second time in Jagan’s cabinet.

Minister Appala

In the past too, during Jagan’s visit, there have been instances of misbehavior with the police near the Sharada Peetham. CM Jagan visited Saradapeeth in February this year. On the occasion of Jagan’s visit to Visakha, Animal Husbandry Minister Sidiri Appalaraju made harsh remarks against the police at the entrance of Saradapeetham. The minister along with his followers attended the annual mahotsava of Sharada Peetham in Chinamushidivada. By then, CM Jagan had not come. While Minister Appalaraju was going inside from the entrance of Peetham, former chairman of Palasa Municipal Corporation Purnachandra Rao and his followers who were with him were stopped by CI Rajul Naidu. The minister expressed impatience with this.

Expressing his anger on the CI, the minister raised his hand and pushed him forward. A little controversy broke out there. Later that CI was sent to VR. The police said that the police will follow some rules in the wake of the CM’s visit, and the CI stopped the minister who came with a large number of followers. The police officials have asked the minister to apologize in this regard. The Andhra Pradesh Police Officers’ Association has condemned Minister Sidiri Appalaraju’s verbal abuse of a police officer on duty.

At that time, this affair caused a big scandal. Recently, the devotees are angry that the minister is coming to Tirumala with so many followers and insisting on protocol darshan for them and putting pressure on TTD. Let’s see what the TTD officials say about this. 70 to 80 thousand devotees come to Tirumala regularly. It is argued that common devotees will suffer due to political pressure.

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