Man didnot bath for 22 years: 22 ఏళ్లుగా స్నానం చేయలేదు.. కారణం తెలిస్తే షాకవుతారు!


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Man didn't bath for 22 years: He didn't bath for 22 years.. You will be shocked if you know the reason!

Man didn’t bath for 22 years: When someone doesn’t bathe for two or three days, it feels weird like something is crawling on the stool. Moreover, it emits bad smell. The skin is damaged. But a man from Gopalganj area of ​​Bihar has been living without bathing for almost 22 years. The amazing thing is.. his body did not stink, and he never got sick. He has not taken a bath since 2000. Although it is very surprising to hear.. if you know the reason behind this, you can’t help but admire him. Let’s find out what His promise is.

He stopped bathing in protest against crimes against women. Along with this, he vowed not to take a bath until the demon fights and murders stopped. Currently he is 62. He stopped bathing at the age of 40. Dharamdev sticks to his promise no matter how many difficulties he faces in life. Locals say that he did not take bath even when his wife and son died. Even after the death of his wife Mayadevi in ​​2003, he did not bathe. Even after the death of his two boys, he did not let a drop of water fall on his body. His family members also supported him in this one-of-a-kind endeavor. Amazingly, Dharamdev never got sick or got dirt on his body.

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Dharamdev told the media that in 1987, he came to know about land disputes, animal slaughter and crimes against women. He revealed that he has decided not to take a bath since then. During this time, he said, I spent 6 months with a Guru and got Gurudakshina. Dharmadev said that he would live by the words of Sri Rama as his ideal.



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