Kodanda Ram: కాళేశ్వరం ఖర్చు ఎక్కువ నీళ్లు తక్కువ


Kodanda Ram: Kaleswaram cost more water less

TJS president Kodandaram is angry with the Telangana government. TJS president Kodandaram spoke to media at the Tupran bypass on his way to attend an aquaculture inauguration in Kamareddy. He said the TRS government had completely failed in water, funding and recruitment. The Kaleswaram project will be built for Andhra contractors only.

Red carpet for Andhra contractors at Pragati Bhavan. If the rest of them go to Pragati Bhavan, cases will be registered through section 144. Dharna Chowks will be opened by the court if the government closes. Kaleswaram cost more water less. Only Rs 700 crore was spent for Rs 3700 crore. The remaining Rs 3,000 crore has been hidden and project work is on a snail’s pace.

The people will soon put an end to the KCR dictatorial dictatorship. Activists called for non-political participation in Telangana self-respect initiation at Dharna Chowk in Indira Park on June 6. Let’s say the activists need to do another fight. If the greenery between Kodandaram and KCR is close to the formation of Telangana, it will collapse. The lone leaders of the Telangana movement have now become left-leaning.

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