Kishan Reddy: వెంకయ్య గ్రామంలో అధికారులపై కిషన్‌రెడ్డి ఆగ్రహం


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Kishan Reddy: Kishan Reddy is angry with the officials in Venkaiah village

Kishan Reddy: Union Culture Minister Kishan Reddy, BJP State President Somu Veerraju and BJP leaders visited Bhatla Penumarru of Movva Mandal, Krishna District, home village of National Flag designer Pingali Venkaiah. Union Minister Pingali Venkaiah, who visited Bhatla Penumarru as part of the Azadi Ka Amrit celebrations, paid homage to the idols of NTR. Pingali Venkaiah’s granddaughter Sushila was honoured.

During this visit, the Union Minister expressed anger at the officials. Kishan Reddy expressed his anger as the joint collector left while the Union Minister was visiting Bhatlapenumarru village. Where is the joint collector when talking about the problems of the villagers? Union Minister Kishan Reddy asked. When the other officers replied saying that he had gone… is he so busy? He joked. Should the Union Minister have come? He expressed extreme impatience. When the locals brought to the attention of the Union Minister that the roads in the village were bad, he said that he would talk to the state government and take action on behalf of the central government regarding the infrastructure in the village. Kishan Reddy ordered the officials to solve the problem of roads. If the state government does not have funds, he has spoken to Prime Minister Modi and promised to provide funds from the Centre.

Union Minister Kishan Reddy said on the occasion that Bhatlapenumarru village gave life to the national flag. As long as there is sun and moon, there will be a national flag. On the occasion of the centenary of the designer of the national flag, Pingali Venkaiah, it has been revealed that a large-scale program is being held in Delhi on August 2. It was explained that in his memory, the unveiling of postal bills, the display of the national flag designed by Pingali, the meeting of Prime Minister Modi with his family members and the Union Home Minister Amit Shah as the chief guest are organizing a huge public meeting. The villagers of Bhatla Penumarru also asked him to come to Delhi that day. He revealed that the 75th Independence Day will be celebrated on August 15. History will not forgive people like Pingali Venkaiah if they are forgotten. From the village to Patnam on August 15, the national flag should fly over the house of an Indian. The Union Minister said that it is special that Ghantasala’s grandmother’s village is this same village. Ghantasala was not just a singer…he was hailed as a freedom fighter. Ghantasala’s birthday will also be celebrated.

Kishan Reddy: Everyone should hoist the national flag on their houses on August 15

Pingali Venkaiah’s granddaughter Sushila spoke on this occasion. He said that he is very happy that the central government has given such honor to his Pingali Venkaiah. He said that justice has been done to Venkaiah after all these years. She asked that his idols should be placed in every constituency. He informed on this occasion that he was going to Delhi as per the Prime Minister’s call. They said that there are no proper roads in their village.. They will talk to Modi and Amit Shah for the development of the village. She asked him to give Bharat Ratna to Venkaiah.



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