Kim Jong Un: అగ్రదేశం అమెరికా, దక్షిణ కొరియాలకు కిమ్ అణు బెదిరింపులు!


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Kim Jong Un: Kim's nuclear threats to America and South Korea!

Kim Jong Un: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who is always in the news for his comments about war, has once again made sensational comments. Once again, he spoke to America in a way that would make Kaiya’s foot rub. Looking at Kim’s latest comments, there is a feeling that North Korea is once again challenging the world. Kim said that they are under threat from America and South Korea and the time has come for them to defend themselves. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has made nuclear threats against America and South Korea. They declared that they are ready to face any military confrontation with those countries. The comments from Kim came amid speculation that North Korea would conduct its first nuclear test since 2017. The Korean Central News Agency revealed this. These words came from the dictator’s mouth on the 69th anniversary of the end of the Korean War.

Kim said that the United States is showing North Korea as a bogey, on the one hand, the United States is carrying out military exercises to threaten its security, and on the other hand, North Korea is carrying out normal military exercises, but it is spreading false propaganda as provocations. He said that America is acting illegally with South Korea. In justifying his actions, Kim has criticized the superpower for targeting North Korea. He made it clear that North Korea is fully prepared to face any crisis including nuclear threat. He said that this immediate historical task has to be achieved for the sake of self-defense. He accused the US of engaging in dangerous and illegal actions with South Korea even when it has been 70 years since the end of the war. He said that North Korea is trying to justify its actions by showing the country as a bogey.

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North Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong Un has not attempted a nuclear test since 2017. American and South Korean officials have recently revealed that they are fully ready to conduct the first nuclear test. On the other hand, the South Korean defense personnel said that there were no such signs.



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