Kerala: ట్రాన్స్‌జెండర్లను క్రీడా ఈవెంట్లకు అనుమతించాలి.. కేరళ హైకోర్టు కీలక తీర్పు


Kerala: Transgenders should be allowed in sports events.. Kerala High Court's key verdict

Kerala HC allows transwoman sportsperson to participate in judo competition in women’s category: Saying that transgender people should be allowed to participate in sports events.. Kerala High Court has revealed a key verdict. Friday ruled that they must be allowed to participate in their chosen category. It said that transgenders should be allowed to participate in the category of their choice when there is no special category. A single bench comprising Justice VG Arun heard the petition. It has directed the organizers of district level judo competition to allow them to participate in the competition on a temporary basis subject to the High Court order.

The Kerala High Court heard a petition filed by Anamika, a trans woman from Kerala, on Friday. If we look at the precedents of the cases.. as there is no special category for transgenders.. they have filed a petition in the Kerala High Court to allow them in the category of women. The case was heard by Justice VG Arun. When transgenders do not have a separate category, the case was argued that they can participate in the women’s category.

The High Court ruled that if the petitioner wanted to identify herself as a woman, if no arrangements were made for transgenders to participate in the competitions, she would have to be allowed to participate in the category of her choice. Notices have been issued to Kerala Government and Kerala State Sports Council in this regard. Kozhikode Judo Association organizes Judo competitions. But the court ordered to allow Anamika to participate in this event.



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