KA Paul: నన్ను ప్రధానిని చేస్తే దేశ దశ మార్చి చూపిస్తా..


KA Paul: If you make me the Prime Minister, you will change the course of the country..

KA Paul: Praja Shanti Party President KA Paul said that BJP has not fulfilled any promises made to AP including special status. Paul revealed that he had close relations with Sri Lankan Rajapakse.. but he said that he did not want family rule. He said that the debts of AP will become heavy. He criticized the existing parties as destroying the country. He said that in Telangana, it is enough for the leaders to insult each other. He said that if we cannot save the Telugu states, we cannot save the country.

Kishan Reddy: Kishan Reddy is angry with the officials in Venkaiah village

He alleged that the Janasena will make alliances with the BJP which did not do anything to AP.. It will do whatever the YCP asks. He said that the leaders here are not coming together to meet Modi to hold an economic summit in AP. If all the political leaders resign and come together with me, everything will be achieved. He criticized Chandrababu for taking loans and giving them to this CM after being the CM for five years. He said that he himself does not know when and how CM Jagan will be. He said that he is not asking the center for fear of cases. KA Pal alleged that Chandrababu went around in the last election by making his son the CM and he wanted to become the PM. He said that KCR is roaming around Delhi to become PM. KA Paul, who both Chandrababu and Jagan are thieves, has made it clear that if he is made the prime minister, he will change the course of the country.



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