Joe Biden: యూఎస్ ప్రెసిడెంట్ కు మరోసారి కోవిడ్ పాజిటివ్


Joe Biden: The US President is once again Covid positive

US President Joe Biden tests Covid-19 positive: It is known that the President of USA has been affected by Covid recently. Since then, Biden has been working in isolation at the White House, the presidential residence. Biden, who has already been affected by Corona once, has recently been affected by Corona once again. Pfizer has already taken the Covid vaccine. Vaccine precautionary and booster doses were also taken. However, recently he was again infected with Corona.

Meanwhile, Jobaden again underwent a covid test on Saturday.. again the result was positive. After three days of completing his isolation, Biden tested positive for Corona once again. White House sources revealed that this is one of the rarest cases of corona virus. The White House doctor, Kevin O’Connor, said that the president has no symptoms and is doing well. After getting positive again, Joe Biden will be in isolation for five days.
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79-year-old Biden contracted Covid on July 21. Since then, the anti-viral drug Pax Lovid is being treated. But last Tuesday and Wednesday, he was tested for Covid and came back negative. The latest antigen test on Saturday showed positive. Usually this indicates a re-bound infection. America is already at the top of the countries with the highest number of covid cases in the world. Deaths are also recorded mostly in America. Representatives from America have already been affected by Covid. In the past, the White House staff has also been significantly affected by the Covid disease.



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