IT Returns Filing: రేపే ఆఖరి రోజు.. లేకపోతే రూ.5వేలు జరిమానా


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IT Returns Filing: Tomorrow is the last day.. Otherwise Rs.5 thousand fine

IT Returns Filing: There is only one day left to file IT returns for the financial year 2021-22. The deadline for filing IT returns will be on Sunday. The Income Tax Department has announced that more than 4.52 crore people have filed ITR till Friday. It said that more than 43 lakh ITRs were filed on Friday alone. While many people are hoping that the ITR deadline will be extended, the Income Tax Department has made it clear that they have no plans to extend the deadline for filing ITR.

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The central government has been extending the deadline for IT returns for two years due to Covid. Earlier, the IT department extended the deadline for payment of income tax for the year 2020-21. December 31, 2021 has been fixed as the last date. Many people thought that the deadline will be extended this time as well. And many still haven’t started the payment process. However, Central Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj clarified that there is no intention to extend the deadline this time. The IT department also clarified this through its official Twitter account. The IT department has warned that if the ITR is not filed within the deadline, a fine of Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 will be imposed as per Section 234 F. Due to this, many people are filing IT returns at the last minute and are facing technical problems. Many people are facing difficulties in this background.



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