Hyderabad Rains : మరో గంటలో హైదరాబాద్‌కు భారీ వర్ష సూచన


Hyderabad Rains : Heavy rain forecast for Hyderabad in next hour

Heavy Rain alert to Hyderabad Today Night.

Rains want to leave Telangana. But many areas have already been flooded due to heavy rains in the state. Due to heavy rains, streams, bends and ponds have become full. As the flood water is pouring into the reservoirs, the gates are being lifted and the water is being released downstream. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department of Hyderabad has revealed that there is a possibility of heavy rain across Hyderabad tonight. But it is already raining heavily in many places in Hyderabad.

It rained heavily in Kukatpally from 7 pm. But in addition to this, due to the rains that have fallen in many places, the rainwater has reached the roads. Due to this, the motorists faced serious difficulties. Traffic was severely disrupted in this order. However, the GHMC staff who have reached the field are removing the rain water that has come on the roads. On the other hand, the traffic police are entering the field and regulating the traffic.



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