Hyderabad Rains : భాగ్యనగరంలో భారీ వర్షం.. ట్రాఫిక్‌ జాం


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Hyderabad Rains : Heavy rain in Bhagyanagar.. Traffic jam

Today Evening Heavy Rain in Hyderabad.
Rains want to leave Telangana. People across Telangana are facing severe problems due to the heavy rains that have already fallen. Rivers are overflowing due to heavy rains. Flood water is reaching the villages as the dams of the ponds are broken. But recently, heavy rain has fallen in Hyderabad this evening. Due to this, rain water has reached the roads in many places. Besides.. in some places there was a power outage due to the felling of trees. Along with Madapur, Sheikhpet, Tolichowki, Rayadurgam, Gandipet, Rajendranagar, Kismatpar, Bandlaguda Jagir areas, Attapur, Shivarampally received heavy rain with thunder and lightning.

Apart from these, the motorists faced severe difficulties due to heavy rain in Kukatpally, Ellammabanda, Golconda and other areas. A traffic jam was created as people resorted to flyovers to escape from the rain. The traffic police rushed to the scene and regulated the traffic. On the other hand, the GHMC staff are removing the rain water that has come on the roads.



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