Highest Salary in India: అమ్మో.. ఆయన శాలరీ ఏడాదికి రూ.123 కోట్లా?


Highest Salary in India: Umm.. Is his salary Rs. 123 crore per year?

Highest Salary in India: It is a known fact that CEOs of famous companies have salary in lakhs and crores. In this order, the CEO of a company is receiving a salary of Rs. 123 crores per year. He is none other than C.Vijay Kumar, CEO of HCL Tech. Vijay Kumar is currently the highest paid Indian CEO. In the recent annual report released by HCL Tech Company, it has been stated that last year, its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) C. Vijaykumar was paid a salary of Rs 123.13 crore. This revealed his salary. The HCL company clarified that three-fourths of Vijay Kumar’s income is covered by long-term benefits.

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The HCL company explained that Vijayakumar’s annual base salary is two million. He got another million dollars under variable pay. However, Vijayakumar has not received any remuneration from his company, including a long-term incentive from their subsidiary company ‘HCL America Inc’, which is 16.52 million dollars i.e. Rs. 123. HCL Company in its annual report said that he received remuneration of Rs 13 crore.Vijay Kumar said he received other benefits totaling Rs 0.02 crore for the year ended March 31. HCL revealed that his salary has reached 16.52 million with the amount of 12.50 million provided under the long-term incentive. The long-term incentive is paid over a fixed period of two years based on milestones reached by the CEO, the HCL company said.



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