Guntur Zp meeting: నిస్సారంగా సాగిన గుంటూరు జెడ్పీ మీటింగ్


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Guntur Zp meeting: A shallow Guntur ZP meeting

In Guntur district, people’s representatives are holding meetings to discuss public problems and find solutions to them. Joint Guntur Zilla Praja Parishad general meeting was uneventful. A large number of public representatives who had to solve public problems in this meeting fell silent, so the meeting had to end without mentioning many issues. Only three ministers and OMLA from joint Guntur district attended this meeting. In this meeting, the members made several suggestions to solve the problem of tenant farmers, merger of schools, compensation to pepper farmers.

General meeting of Guntur Zilla Praja Parishad was held on Saturday. In this meeting, the members made many suggestions to solve the problems faced by the farmers and students. However, Ambati Rambabu, Vidadala Rajini and Merugu Nagarjuna attended this meeting as ministers. Only one Kilaru Roshaiah as an MLA attended the ZP meeting.. The rest of the 13 MLAs were absent due to various reasons.

A discussion was held on many issues related to the Zilla Parishad and the main issues facing the joint Guntur district. But the meeting ended without taking any key decisions in this discussion. They concluded the meeting by saying that they will only make suggestions and send a proposal to the government. MLCs made many suggestions in the Parishad meeting especially regarding the tenant farmers. In view of the beginning of the agricultural season, the members brought before the House that identity cards should be given to tenant farmers.

The members brought to the attention of the meeting that in case of losses due to natural calamities after taking the lease, the compensation given by the government or the insurance companies is not available to the tenant farmers and therefore the farmers are not coming forward to cultivate the lease. It is suggested to identify the farmers through Gram Sabhas, Secretariats and Raitu Bharosa Kendras, except for the system of signing by the land owner for the tenant farmers. Also, some proposals were received from the members regarding the merger of schools. The members said that there are some social affairs at the village level and small children are in a difficult situation if they have to go three to four kilometers to study. The members said that the condition of walking freely on the roads is not in the current traffic situation.

The MLCs asked the government to completely reconsider the plan to send children of classes two and three to faraway places and fear that accidents would occur. The MLCs brought to the attention of the meeting that they should support the pepper farmers who were completely lost due to viruses in the last season, and that the insurance companies are not giving compensation to the pepper farmers in the name of natural calamities, and the authorities should take appropriate measures in this regard. The members expressed their anger that the farmers of Mirchi who suffered similar losses in Krishna district have received some compensation and in Guntur district the farmers are suffering due to complete negligence of the authorities. However, the Zilla Parishad meeting ended with Minister Ambati Rambabu promising that they will fully discuss these issues and take appropriate decisions.

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