Fake Notes: కావలిలో దొంగనోట్ల ముఠా గుట్టురట్టు


Fake Notes: A gang of robbers on guard

Adamarisse is being beaten by thieves with burglars. Kavali Rural Police have arrested a gang of robbers who were roaming around Nellore district Kavali and surrounding areas. One lakh and forty seven thousand rupees and 500 rupees were seized from them. The thief notes have been coming out for the past few days.

Kavali Additional SP Prasad and Nellore District SP Vijayarama Rao supervised the surveillance of the smugglers. As part of that, the Kavali Rural Police formed a team. Seven people were caught circulating stolen notes. The pirates are circulating in all parts of the two Telugu states. They are printing in the vicinity of Hyderabad and Guntur, setting up a broker here and circulating counterfeit notes through them. If all of them give 30 thousand original notes, they will be given lakh rupees counterfeit notes.

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The gang has a huge network. In Kurnool too, another gang was operating in Kurnool, taking stolen notes from nearby. Police said they would also catch them soon. Kavali Rural Police CI SI Venkatrao police personnel formed a team and arrested him. The robbers also seized a printer and a computer. Police said they would find out where the gang members were and where they were going and catch them. Seven gang members were arrested and remanded in custody. Kavali Additional SP Prasad and Nellore SP Vijayarama Rao said that from there they would be brought to Kavali in Andhra Pradesh and shifted here.



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