Devendra Fadnavis: అవును మాదీ ఈడీ ప్రభుత్వమే.. ‘ఏక్‌నాథ్-దేవేంద్ర’ సర్కార్..


Devendra Fadnavis: Yes Madi ED government.. 'Eknath-Devendra' government..

Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis made sensational comments. He made interesting remarks in the assembly against the backdrop of allegations that the BJP government is instigating the ED against the opposition. He said that theirs is ED government. He made such comments referring to the first letter of their names. He said that there will be no power struggles in his government. He made it clear that we will move ahead with cooperation. He spoke after winning the strength test conducted in the Assembly.

ED stands for Eknath Devendra’s government, which countered the opposition in its own style. Even though BJP-Shiv Sena contested the assembly elections together and won, they alleged that the opposition has snatched the majority from them. Fadnavis blamed Uddhav’s alliance with Congress and NCP instead of BJP. Fadnavis said that instead of meeting Eknath, he once again formed the government with Shiv Sena and CM Aiyar is a true Shiv soldier. Fadnavis said that he became the Deputy CM as per the orders given by his party. He said that his party had made him the CM in the past and now he would have stayed at home. He said that the decision taken by the previous cabinet to change the name of Aurangabad will be continued. Devendra Fadnavis said that the decisions taken by the previous cabinet were acceptable to us.. but they were not taken according to the rules.



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