CPI Narayana: బాసర ట్రిపుల్ ఐటీలో నిర్బంధకాండ కొనసాగుతోంది


CPI Narayana: Arrest continues in Basra Triple IT

CPI Narayana: CPI National Secretary Narayana said that Basara Triple IT students went on strike. He said that 6 thousand students are studying in Triple IT. He expressed anger that the police had turned the university into a camp. He said that there is no staff, there are no laptops and the mess is not proper. It is said that many students have fallen ill recently due to spoiled food. He alleged that private contractors, local leaders and MLAs have a stake in the hostel contract. He said that even if Minister Sabita visited, there would be no benefit. He expressed anger that he was not allowed to come even though he went twice. He said that he has complained to Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on this matter. In Delhi, the state chief minister was angry that the minister was in KTR’s bed. He said that the detention scandal is continuing in Basara Triple IT. He demanded that proper measures should be taken to protect the future of the students.

Sabitha Indrareddy : Concern of parents of IIIT students in front of Minister Sabitha’s residence

Senior CPI leader Narayana Basara wrote to Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan about the problems of triple students. In that letter they explained their problems. It is surprising that this university still does not have a regular Vice-Chancellor…he requested to be appointed immediately. He said that sub-contracts have been given to private contractors for the hostel. Students are not getting quality food. Students have always been demanding that the management of the hostel should be in the hands of the university. All students have been asked to provide laptops with latest configuration by the university. More than 200 teacher vacancies are vacant.. Permanent teachers should be appointed immediately so that all classes and practicals can be conducted. He demanded to upgrade the library.



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