Corona Vaccine: అమెరికా కీలక నిర్ణయం.. 6 నెలల పసికందులకు కరోనా టీకా


Corona Vaccine: America's key decision .. Corona vaccine for 6 month old babies

The U.S. government has made another crucial decision regarding the corona vaccine for infants from six months to five years of age. Pfizer and modern companies have recently approved the Corona vaccine for children as young as 6 months old. Emergency clearances were approved on Friday for Moderna to administer two doses to children aged six months to five years and Pfizer to administer three doses to children aged six months to four years. . The U.S. Centers for Disease Control will soon make a decision on how to give the vaccine. Many are waiting for the corona vaccine for babies. The decision will help vaccinate six-month-old babies from corona, FDA chief Robert Calif. Said in a statement. He hopes that this will provide full protection to young children from hospitalizations and deaths due to Kovid‌-19.

Pfizer and modern vaccines have been tested experimentally on thousands of children in the United States. Mild side effects occur in adults as well as in adults, and antibodies are also produced. However, Pfizer has previously said that the vaccine given to six-month-olds is only one-tenth of what is given to adults. Similarly, the study found that those who took the modern two-dose vaccine received better protection. In some cases, the Pfizer vaccine did not provide complete protection. Pfizer reported complete protection with booster dose. That is why it was decided to give Pfizer a booster dose.

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