CJI NV Ramana: అప్పట్లో ‘రత్తాలు-రాంబాబు’ కోసం తెగ ఎదురుచూసేవాళ్లం


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CJI NV Ramana: Back then we were waiting for 'Rattalu-Rambabu'

CJI NV Ramana: Supreme Court Chief Justice NV Ramana visited Visakhapatnam on Sunday. NV Ramana who came to Visakha was welcomed by Purnakumbha in Ankosa Hall under the auspices of Rasajna Vedika. Later he participated in Ravi Shastri (Rachakonda Viswanatha Shastri) centenary celebrations. On this occasion, NV Ramana was honored by Ravi Shastri’s family. After paying tributes to Ravi Shastri, Justice NV Ramana addressed the centenary assembly. Ravi Shastri stated that he was of the opinion that his status was not great before poetry. Ravi Shastri’s sayings should be built so that they can be remembered forever in Visakha. Even then, Ravi Shastri expressed his concern that today’s society is mostly filled with Girishas.. He said that it is still true. NV Ramana opined that the dialect language should be kept in use in order to preserve the Telugu language. Ravi Shastri is a lawyer who has studied society more than law.

NV Ramana revealed that he is unable to devote much time due to the pressure of work due to the fact that he is going to step down on August 27. He will come to Visakha and spend more time after retirement. Ravi Shastri, a lawyer by profession, wrote on Yaradakonda and expressed his passion for Visakha. He said that the characters created by him as a writer spoke about laws and legal systems and what happens if the system is lost is explained in his works. He said in his writings about laws that are not correct and are not properly implemented. NV Ramana said that Ravi Shastri is the one who says that not only the evidence should be kept in mind for the judgment, but also the circumstances that led to it, and we are doing it now. He said that Ravi Shastri is the one who says in his stories that God will do justice if the truth is killed. He said that Ravi Shastri’s influence was also behind the temporary cancellation of section 124 in the case of treason. Ravi Shastri said that there is a need for such outdated laws.

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NV Ramana called upon everyone to be partners in preserving the Telugu language. He said that Ravi Shastri described the hardships of people and their lives in his works. NV Ramana recalls that at that time, people used to wait for the writing of ‘Rattalu-Rambabu’ which came once a week. NV Ramana commented that centuries ago a Ravi tree influenced Gautama and in this century a ‘Ravi’ has influenced society.



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