Chhattisgarh: పోలీస్ కానిస్టేబుల్ నిజాయితీ.. రోడ్డుపై దొరికిన రూ.45 లక్షలు అప్పగింత


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Chhattisgarh: Police constable honest.. Handed over Rs.45 lakh found on the road

Today the world revolves around money. The value given to not given to human relations. This is the time when murders, frauds and suicides are happening for money. If money is found, it is hidden, and unless stolen, giving is largely invisible. But not everyone is like that, a constable has proved that they do not pledge honesty for money. He found Rs. He handed over 45 lakhs and showed his honesty.

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Going into the details, these incidents took place in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. Nilambar Sinha, who is working as a traffic constable in Raipur, has revealed his honesty. He presented a bag of Rs.45 lakh in the local police station and set an example for many people. He behaved in such a way as to increase the dignity of the uniform he wore. Nilambar Sinha, a traffic constable attached to Kayabandha post in Naya Rajaipur, saw a bag on the road in the morning. SP Sukhanandan Rathore said that he handed over the money at the local police station when he came to know that there was money in it. When checking the bag.. Total Rs. 2000, Rs. 500 notes with Rs. 45 lakhs appeared. Senior officials announced reward for Nilambar Sinha. The police have started an investigation to find out who owns this money.



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