Chandrababu Naidu: వరద బాధితులను మానవతావాదులు, దాతలు ఆదుకోవాలి


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Chandrababu Naidu: Humanitarians, donors should help flood victims

Chandrababu Naidu: Some of the victims of the recent Godavari floods in many Lankan villages are still helpless. In this background, TDP leader Chandrababu called the donors. Donors were asked to distribute vegetables and rice to the flood victims. Chandrababu expressed grief that the recent rains have left a huge loss to the people. People are of the opinion that all the wealth accumulated over decades has been washed away and the people are in a helpless condition. Chandrababu accused the government of helping flood victims and forgetting humanity. He appealed to the donors to come forward to provide hay for the fodder or cattle.

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Chandrababu commented that the victims in the flood affected areas are in dire straits because they cannot find vegetables and rice and infants. He expressed concern that the water had completely entered the houses and remained stored for 4 to 7 days… Mud had entered the houses. Chandrababu explained that during his visit, he saw scenes where all the things in the house including fans and TVs were not working. The government has been criticized for neglecting its responsibility to support the flood victims. In that case, the society, humanitarians and donors are requested to support the victims. Voluntary organizations and political parties should come forward to help. Chandrababu said that the NTR Trust has already provided assistance to some extent and is continuing to help. They said that there is an immediate need for hay for cattle.. Donors want to distribute hay either in their name or through TDP. Chandrababu said in his announcement that he is asking the donors to provide vegetables and rice as well. TDP activists, leaders and NRIs want to distribute vegetables, rice and hay to cattle as much as possible.



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