Blast at Afghanistan : సిక్కుల దేవాలయం వద్ద భారీ పేలుడు..


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Blast at Afghanistan : Huge explosion at Sikh temple..

Bomb Blast At Afghanistan Gurdwara Temple.
A bomb blast occurred near the main gate of Gurdwara Karte Parwan in Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul on Wednesday. Indian World Forum President Puneet Singh Chandhok said members of Sikh and Hindu communities are safe. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the blast. The officials held their breath as no details of any casualty came to light in the blast.

However, the concerned authorities have revealed that the details of who is responsible for the blast will be revealed after the preliminary investigation. It is known that since Afghanistan came under the control of the Taliban, the Sikh communities there have been targeted and attacked. India’s Ministry of External Affairs is investigating the blast incident at the Kabul Sikh Gurdwara.



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