Bandi Sanjay: సీఎం అవినీతితో తెలంగాణను అప్పుల పాలు చేశారు.


Bandi Sanjay: With the corruption of the CM, Telangana has been made into debt.

BJP Telangana chief Bandi Sanjay criticized the people of Telangana for not heeding the words of the TRS party, leaders and officials. He said that KCR had misled the people on the issue of coal import. He alleged that the state chief minister had made Telangana indebted due to corruption and that there was no situation to implement any welfare scheme. He alleged that he had taken loans from public and private sector companies.

Large scale corruption in the name of 24 hours free electricity and Rs. The chief minister of the state is said to be the one who is having trouble paying Rs 60,000 crore to the discs. In the old town, Rs. 1000 crore is not being collected. KCR has been criticized for setting up a separate substation in the farm house and using free electricity for hundreds of acres. It is alleged that the farm house is using the electricity used for 40 villages.

The TRS leaders alleged that they would get jobs in the Ramagundam fertilizer factory and extorted crores of rupees from many youths. Critics say the factory closed en masse in the name of pollution, realizing that they were being turned away due to a lack of employment opportunities. Akkasutone was outraged that the fertilizer factory was shut down where the BJP got its name from.

He also criticized the BJP for putting meters near the motors, saying that if the meters were put, the TRS leaders would be outraged. The unit current available at Rs.3k is Rs. He was accused of abusing the public in the form of commissions. Bhadradri alleged that the power plant was a big scandal. He said it was the BJP government that got the country out of the current crisis. Critics say the TRS is claiming to be the center if all schemes are central.



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