Bandi Sanjay: వీఆర్ఏల ఆందోళన న్యాయబద్ధమైంది.. తక్షణమే పే స్కేల్ ఇవ్వాల్సిందే..


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Bandi Sanjay: VRA's concern is justified. Pay scale should be given immediately..

Bandi Sanjay: BJP state president and MP Bandi Sanjay has expressed support for the protest of VRAs in front of Karimnagar Collectorate. He demanded that the concern of VRAs is legitimate. The government should give them immediate pay scale and promotion. Bandi Sanjay fumed, calling KCR a wicked man who broke his promise and invited the employees to Pragati Bhavan and gave them lunch. He demanded immediate suspension of the CI saying that the agitating VRAs would be shot. He expressed his anger that if they continue to be shot, no one will be left in the state except KCR and his family. He said that it is a shame that KCR is limited to Pragati Bhavan, breaking his promise to the VRAs.

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He said that it was the BJP leaders who went to jail fighting for the employees’ side without fear of cases and lathis. He said that the problems of VRAs will be solved as soon as BJP comes to power. The condition of VRAs in Telangana is worse. At present, about 22 thousand people are serving in the state. They are worried that the situation has become worse due to lack of promotions and increments for years. In this context, the state president of BJP announced his support to their agitation.



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