Bandi Sanjay : కాంట్రాక్ట్ క్యారేజీ వెహికల్స్ పై పెంచిన ట్యాక్స్ లను రద్దు చేయాలి


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Bandi Sanjay : Increased taxes on contract carriage vehicles should be abolished

Leaders of Telangana Tours and Travels Owners Association have appealed to BJP state president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar to pressurize the government to abolish the increased taxes on contract carriage vehicles. Several leaders under the association’s state presidents K. Gopal Reddy and Narsimha Reddy today handed over a petition to this effect along with Bandi Sanjay Kumar. They said that they used to collect a tax of 892 rupees 50 paise per seat in relation to contract carriage vehicles… After the Covid situation, paying this amount has become a burden for them.

But the government has added an additional 25 percent on each seat. Similarly, they complained that the taxes have been increased tremendously in the name of green tax, fitness and border tax. On this occasion, they asked Bandi Sanjay to put pressure on the government to cancel the increased taxes. Bandi Sanjay responded positively and promised to take this matter to the attention of the government.



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