Ayesha Meera Case: ఏపీ ప్రభుత్వానికి మరోసారి సత్యం బాబు వినతి


Ayesha Meera Case: Satyam Babu's request to the AP government once again

Satyambabu has pleaded guilty to nine years in prison for a crime he did not commit in the murder case of a beepharmacy student, Ayesha Meera. In 2017, the AP High Court acquitted Satyam Babu in the case. In this context, Satyambabu explained his situation and asked the Collector to give him two acres of cultivable land and a house along with compensation of Rs 10 lakh. The Collector had earlier directed Nandigama Emaruo to help Satyambabu with this. However, Satyambabu has not received any help so far.

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Satyambabu once again asked the AP government to provide him fresh compensation. He appealed for compensation as the court had acquitted him in the Ayesha Mira murder case. Satyambabu submitted the petition along with NTR District Collector Dillirao at a response function held on Monday. Four years later, Satyambabu submitted 2 acres of agricultural land, Rs 10 lakh compensation, a copy of his previous application for a house and another fresh application to the Collector.



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