Atchannaidu: బీసీ మంత్రుల్ని కీలుబొమ్మల్ని చేశారు


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Atchannaidu: BC ministers were made puppets

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. BJP leaders are incensed at the cabinet. What is the benefit of dividing the state into three parts and appointing Sajjala, YV, Vijayasai Reddy and Panchaka BC for how many ministerial posts ..? Said TDP state president Achennai. They hold power in their hands and play BC ministers like puppets.

For the YCP, which uses the BCs as pawns, the TDP fox, which has done justice, is as different as the Naga world. Can the White Paper release what it has done to the BCs in three years ..? Are you ready to discuss the injustice done to BCs during the YCP rule? The YCP understood that the next government was the Telugu Desam government. That is why they are still protesting to Rodleck if their leader does not get a ministerial post. The weaker sections of the YS family are angry. Jagan said that Beasley was angry that the party had been backing the TDP since its inception.

MP GVL Narasimharao: The fall of the YCP has begun

YS put BC federations without allocating paisa funds. Jagan also misappropriated funds allocated to BC corporations. Telugudesam is a party that has given equal opportunities economically and politically to the weaker sections. Districts Districts will reunite BCs. Achennaidu said that even if there is a clash with Chandrababu, we will work for the rights of the BCs.



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