Andhra Pradesh: సీఎం జగన్ పారిస్ పర్యటన ఖరారు


Andhra Pradesh: CM Jagan finalizes Paris visit

AP CM Jagan will once again go on a foreign tour. He recently went on a Davos tour and will be going to Paris soon. However, CMVO sources said that this was a purely personal visit. To this end, the visit of CM Jagan to Paris was concluded. He will leave for Paris on the 28th of this month. Harshareddy, the eldest daughter of CM Jagan, is studying economics at a well-known business school in Paris. She is pursuing her Masters degree in Paris after completing her degree at the London School of Economics. In this context, CM Jagan will travel to Paris with his family to attend her convocation on the 2nd of next month.

While Jagan’s eldest daughter Harshareddy was going to Paris, CM Jagan specially went to Bangalore and also gave a sendoff. Now she seems to have completed her graduation. With this the convocation ceremony is being celebrated. It seems that the youngest daughter of CM Jagan is also studying in London. Meanwhile, YS Rajareddy, son of Jagan’s sister Sharmila, recently completed his graduation from a university in the United States. YS Sharmila took a break from his trek and went to America to participate in the sermon. YS Vijayamma, Sharmila’s husband Anil Kumar, along with another daughter attended the graduation ceremony.



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